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Make Space: Gong Bath ceremony with Kat Bambul

Escape your thoughts and immerse yourself in sound therapy. Zigzag Tea is pleased to host a truly spiritual experience; a gong bath. Conducted by experienced therapist, Kat Bambul, allow the power of sound and vibration to calm the mind and soothe the senses in a healing session to leave you feeling fresh and revived. Gong bath, what is it? Like no other experience, the tones of the gong encompass the listener’s body in a thick blanket of sound – the sensation is similar to floating in cosmic space. Put simply, a gong bath is a sound massage for the body and mind. This is a centuries old practice in the East of the world where healing, spiritual insights, visions and...

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Great Teas and Clean Seas

Great Teas and Clean Seas We believe that there's a special moment when you enjoy a good cup of tea where your mind can unwind and you can reflect on good stuff for a while. A recent documentary from the BBC however moved us to reflect and feel rather sad about the way some businesses choose to use harmful processes in their products.  The production of teabags requires thousands of litres of water and the majority of those made in the UK are made of a plastic called polypropylene. Yup, that’s right, some manufacturers use plastic in those little bags full of tea. It can account for up to 25% of the bag meaning it's impossible to fully compost. With...

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Make Space: Pablo Atchugarry

 When Italian sculptor, Pablo Atchugarry approaches a piece of marble he listens to its story. Like the other great Italian sculptor, Michelangelo, he allows the marble to dictate how he carves it to create some truly incredible works of art. With marble there’s no turning back, and each chisel stroke is meticulous. Each void becomes a part of the piece, which transforms it into an object designed to question the way we look at space.  

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Make Space: Designing Space

It’s well known that when spaces are designed they contribute to our overall mental wellbeing. A clear interior equals a clear mind.  The design duo at Breadd Interiors, Joelle Talmasse and Martyn Gayle collaborate on clear spaces that incorporate found objects and artwork into their design. You can even rent one on Airbnb!

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Make Space: Rachel Whiteread

Turning nothing into something has become a career spanning over 25 years for contemporary artist, Rachel Whiteread. The first-ever woman to receive the Turner Prize, she sees objects as voids to fill in order to create new objects.  One of her most famed pieces was a condemned East End terraced house, which she filled with poured concrete and then demolished the exterior to leave a flawless impression of its interior. The project was more involved than one would imagine: weeks spent filling any superficial holes that would otherwise ruin the smooth aesthetic the artist desired once the shell was removed. The Tate Britain is currently exhibiting a retrospective of Rachel Whiteread's works using materials such as plaster, concrete, resin, rubber...

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