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Make Space: Rachel Whiteread

Make Space:  Rachel Whiteread

Turning nothing into something has become a career spanning over 25 years for contemporary artist, Rachel Whiteread. The first-ever woman to receive the Turner Prize, she sees objects as voids to fill in order to create new objects. 

One of her most famed pieces was a condemned East End terraced house, which she filled with poured concrete and then demolished the exterior to leave a flawless impression of its interior. The project was more involved than one would imagine: weeks spent filling any superficial holes that would otherwise ruin the smooth aesthetic the artist desired once the shell was removed.

The Tate Britain is currently exhibiting a retrospective of Rachel Whiteread's works using materials such as plaster, concrete, resin, rubber and metal to create sculptures that make space from hollowness. The exhibition is on at the Tate Britain until 21 January 2018.

Make Space: The Book Without Ink

Make Space:  The Book Without Ink

The world of publishing is synonymous with paper and ink. If there's one brand to shatter this mould, it's Chanel. A woman known for breaking rules and reinventing ideals, this tome reinterprets Coco Chanel's iconic No. 5. 

Known for her advances in book design, the  book was conceived by Dutch graphic designer, Irma Boom. Using aluminium plates and ink-less letterpress to achieve the effect, each page is perforated or debossed to create both a tactile and visual representation of Chanel's perfume and its brand icons.  

Five centimetres thick, but weightless in appearance, this book makes space from nothingness. The voids left by impressions tell the story in silence.