Our Vision

zigzag is a premium range of natural tea products which ethically source the very best ingredients to deliver a great tasting tea experience. We do this because we believe tea helps people find the space needed for balance & connection.

Make Space for Tea. 

Our Name

The zigzag symbol has been used for millennia by cultures across the world. It's an instinctive and inclusive pattern that naturally represents balance & connection.  Tea is a beverage enjoyed by diverse cultures across the globe with unique recipes from Bubble Tea to Earl Grey.  At zigzag we sustainably source the very best teas and ingredients the world has to offer, whilst promoting tea's natural ability to offer balance and connection. 

China has a big part to play in the foundation of zigzag, with our trip across the country allowing us to fully understand and appreciate the origin of tea and it’s focus on wellbeing and balance that has been a part of the Chinese culture for millennia.

At zigzag we wanted to harness this and improve the state of the tea industry as a whole by making it more sustainable whilst also improving the taste, quality and range of tea, and particularly herbals, in the UK.

We were supported by The Prince’s Trust in the beginning and test traded our products.  Following a very positive reaction at various London markets we started to get approached by outlets who wanted our to list our tea wholesale and are now stocked in some of London’s top hotels, restaurants, offices and cafes.

Our Story

Zigzag tea was founded in 2015 by Sonny Dolan following a life changing journey across South China as part of his Masters in East Asian Art (China, Japan and Korea).  It was during this trip that Sonny learnt about the origin and history of tea, and experienced some of the finest teas in the world.  He realised having tasted truly fine tea and felt the subtle power of the tea ritual, that he would make it his mission to improve the mass market factory produced tea culture in the West.  He visited Yiixing clay factories, experienced traditional Gong Fu tea ceremonies and was particularly moved by the experience of tea drinking as a philosophy of wellbeing, designed to promote balanced, conscious thinking, also known as Cha Dao - the way of tea.  

Our Values

We are all connected to our planet and have a part to play, so as a company we want to endeavour to leave no trace with all of our retail packaging as well as our pyramid tea bags, which are 100% compostable and recyclable. We believe in a more sustainable tea industry from bush to cup taking care to source from independent growers across the globe who believe in employee welfare as well as the quality of the finished product.

Community is important to us, both locally and from the global producers we source from, as we attempt to improve the standards and restore balance in the tea industry as a whole. To help maintain this goal, we pay above average for our tea and herbal ingredients to ensure the growers can get a fair price for their crop.

Every year we give back to our main plantation in Sri Lanka where we aim to empower the women in particular, due to a lack of support for them when it comes to childcare, education, and underrepresentation in their work environment. This year we donated £1500 and this allowed one of the main creches to be rebuilt and completely redecorated.