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We will work with you to create a perfect solution for your tea needs. We have carefully curated a versatile wholesale collection including a range of single-origin whole leaf tea and innovative botanical infusions, ethically sourced from independent growers across the world, available as both loose leaf and 100% biodegradable pyramid bags.  

We are proud of our partnerships with some of the best restaurants, independent outlets and hotels in the UK. 

We strive to offer distinct and high end tea made from the very best all natural seasonal ingredients.

email: trade@zigzagtea.co.uk

We're proud partners with Craft Coffee House, an independent artisanal tea producer sourcing  the most premium and ethically sourced coffee.  

Craft House Coffee are an artisanal specialty roasters, who ethically source all their coffee with full traceability on all of their blend and single origin coffees. Sharing the journey coffee goes through from farm to cup, is an important aspect of the business to Craft House Coffee, who provide origin info cards, that showcase the farm, it's family and the local area. 

As huge coffee lovers and innovative roasters, Craft House Coffee continuously evolve their seasonal recipes to highlight the natural characteristics and fruity notes of each specific origin.