We will work with you to create a perfect solution for your tea needs. We have carefully curated a versatile wholesale collection including a range of single-origin whole leaf tea and innovative botanical infusions, ethically sourced from independent growers across the world, available as both loose leaf and 100% biodegradable pyramid bags.   

We are proud of our partnerships with some of the best restaurants, independent outlets and hotels in the UK. 

We strive to offer distinct and high end tea made from the very best all natural seasonal ingredients.

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Our full range includes both single-origin whole leaf tea and natural botanical blends. 

We do not add any flavourings or extracts to our unique blends using only whole herbs, flowers, fruit pieces - and nothing else - offering an authentic taste & aroma. 

English Breakfast  
Indian Black Assam Tea & Sri Lankan Black Tea
Our rich malty Indian Assam with invigorating citrus notes of Ceylon really hits the spot. 

We source Ceylon from Badulla district in Uva province, Sri Lanka from the South easterly slopes on the mountains whose distinct climatic conditions in Summer monsoon season, creates large gaps between the mountains funnel drying 'kacchan' winds onto the tea plants. This causes the tea plants to close up resulting in an exquisite intensification of the flavour of the leaves.
Assam is located in India's subtropical North East in an area renowned for its rich soils bordering the Brahmaputra River, where the unique conditions allow for the strength and rich malty flavours. Our Assam is sourced directly from the tea producers accredited with Fairtrade, ETP, Rainforest Alliance and Organic Certification assuring quality and sustainability.  

Earl Grey 
Sri Lankan Black Tea, Natural Sicilian Bergamot Oil, Blue Russian cornflowers

Our Earl Grey is a natural balance of Sri Lankan Black whole leaf with a touch of bergamot sourced from Sicily, adorned with vibrant blue Russian cornflowers.  A refreshing classic.  

Coconut Chai 
Sri Lankan Black Tea, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Desiccated Coconut

A deliciously indulgent, exotic black tea blend of warming, aromatic spices and smooth, creamy coconut. Spice up your day with this addictive Chai.

Whole leaf Black tea sourced from Sri Lanka Upper Central district, Badulla, at about 4220ft.  Blended by-hand in the UK with Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, and Desiccated Coconut sourced from independent growers in Sri Lanka, Germany, India and Egypt.

Yunnan Green 
Chinese Green Tea

A classic whole leaf green tea grown in one of the oldest growing regions in the world, with smooth, full-bodied flavour perfect for all day refreshment.

The warm tropical and subtropical climates that support tea cultivation in Yunnan are numerous and Yunnan produces as much tea as the entirety of the rest of China. Tea can be grown year round but is typically plucked during the Winter months from the middle of October to late February. The first flush Yunnan green teas are typically harvested in the last week of February just after Chinese New Year. Yunnan green tea varietals are numerous but the vast majority are hybrids based on the "large-leaf" Assamica which is native to Yunnan. The assamica strain lends a great deal of taste, astringency to Yunnan green teas and allows them to be infused several more times than their comparable north-eastern cousin (Dragon Well, Tai Ping Hou Kui or Huang Shan Mao Jian).

Jasmine Green 
Chinese Green Tea infused with Jasmine leaves

Freshly picked Jasmine blossoms are placed in layers between the leaves of this beautiful tea, imparting their sweet, floral character as they dry.

Produced in the Chinese province of Fujian, the Tea leaves are harvested in the early Spring and stored until the late Summer when fresh jasmine flowers are in bloom. Jasmine flowers are picked early in the day when the small petals are tightly closed. The flowers are kept cool until nightfall. During the night, jasmine flowers open, releasing their fragrance. This is when the tea scenting takes place. The tea and flowers are placed in alternating layers, and the tea is blended with jasmine flowers and stored overnight.  It takes over four hours for the tea to absorb the fragrance and flavour of the jasmine blossoms so this process is repeated as many as six or seven times. The tea absorbs moisture from the fresh Jasmine flowers so it must be dried again to prevent spoilage.

 Ceremonial Grade Matcha

Stone ground in the ancient way to produce the finest quality Matcha. Sourced from small-scale farms in Shizuoka district, Japan. 

Peppermint & Spearmint

A blend of cooling Peppermint and tingling Spearmint leaves sourced from Egypt along the Nile river valley.  

Chamomile, Lemongrass & Ginger

Whole herbs blended by-hand in the UK, light and smooth with citrus, floral and warming tones.

Whole yellow buds with white petals. Yellow root chips. Light green/brown grass blades.  Chamomile sourced from Egypt along the river valley.


Blackcurrant Elderflower & Lime Leaves
Hibiscus, Rosehip, Elderflower, Freeze-dried Blackcurrant, Blackcurrant Leaves

Whole herbs blended by-hand in UK, tart with strong fruity character and a floral tang.  

Hibiscus, Rosehip blended with elderflower, freeze-dried Blackcurrant and Blackcurrant leaves

Dark red and white petals. Dark red broken shells. Purple dried berries. Cut dark green leaves.   


Ginseng Ginger & Lime
Ginseng, Ginger & Lime Leaves

Yellow root chips. Light brown sticks. Small cut light green leaves. Green dried fruit chips.

Light, warming and citrusy with strong aromatic tone.


Fennel Chai
Cardamon, Cinnamon, Ginger, Cloves, Fennel

A warming brew with ginger root complementing cinnamon tones, aromatic cloves and coriander in this spicy concoction 


Lavender Rose Chamomile
Hibiscus, Rosehip, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Lemon Balm, Linden Blossom, Passion Flower & Lavender

One to relax with. Soothing floral aromas of rose, lavender and linden blossom infused with tangy hibiscus, rosehip and chamomile. This blend will calm the senses.

Our Coffee Partners

We're proud partners with Craft Coffee House, an independent artisanal tea producer sourcing  the most premium and ethically sourced coffee.  

Craft House Coffee are an artisanal specialty roasters, who ethically source all their coffee with full traceability on all of their blend and single origin coffees. Sharing the journey coffee goes through from farm to cup, is an important aspect of the business to Craft House Coffee, who provide origin info cards, that showcase the farm, it's family and the local area. 

As huge coffee lovers and innovative roasters, Craft House Coffee continuously evolve their seasonal recipes to highlight the natural characteristics and fruity notes of each specific origin.